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dun and bradstreet rated
Since 1991, Global Star Capital has built an impressive list of clients and professional relationships.  Please note that all clients are bound by agreements with not only Global Star Capital, but more importantly, the facilitators of lending or equity source(s) for complete Non-Disclosure.  In addition, the lending or equity source(s) have contractual documents in place with the clients.  You will not be given their contact information.  You will receive references from the sources personally once you are in their hands and only after following the protocol.   The private capital available stems from families and trusts for the most part, people who cherish relationships and safety at the same time.  The operative word is private.  Below are a few examples of current and past projects plus testimonials from clients.
Dun and Bradstreet Rated
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Rich Cocovich Testimonials
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"Rich is very good to work with.  He does have a very definite process.  You will need to follow the protocol and process to the letter - they are in place to make sure he can help you and keep everything moving along, so simply work with him and his team.  His protocol is etched in stone, just like Rich says.  So, if you follow the protocol, you will end up in the same place as us - with at least one funding source through their facilitators, if not more."..... Doug Fletcher, Former CEO of W.I.A. 
"Global Star Capital's Rich Cocovich is one of the brightest and most creative people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and doing business with.  His skills are second to none and he is definitely a 'diamond in the rough'.  Those who do not move forward with the services of Global Star Capital and Rich Cocovich are missing the best possible opportunity to acquire the funding they desperately seek.".....Pat Farrell,  Former Director of Industrial Development for the State of West Virginia and Director of Borg-Warner Chemical Relations.
"I knew that I had a great business plan and project, but I ran into every "broker" in the world trying to find my funding.  Then, I was referred to Rich Cocovich of Global Star Capital.  I listened to his approach, received his engagement agreement and moved forward in a couple of days.  I was skeptical to be honest because there are plenty of people looking to make a quick dollar out there, however Rich was very straight forward and reminded me that I was referred to his company.  I engaged Rich, he flew to my city and we had one of the most productive meetings I have ever been a part of.  It took him only three weeks after our face to face meeting to find an interested source through his facilitator contacts.  Simply amazing.  Engage Rich Cocovich is my advice to all who read this......Jeffery S. Williams, retired petroleum source executive
"Rich Cocovich is very much a professional; he is a doer. He works hard, but most of all he gets things done right the first time.".....Richard Stern, retired business consultant
"I have never met a person who is completely and 100% honest while shooting bluntly and from the hip like Rich Cocovich.  His fee was nominal and the best money we have ever spent.  If you want results, then get moving with Rich and Global Star Capital".....Martin Kamandido, Fenway Projects of Africa
"I have nothing to say but great things for Global Star Capital and Rich Cocovich. They are professional and have more class than any service company I have ever used. They met with me in Asia and I immediately knew that the choices made to hire the firm were beyond expectation. I have hired many consultants for various reasons over the years. None have come close to this company. I had many people and investors to choose from within 30 days of sitting down with Rich." ....Tom Paxton, Retired Real Estate Developer
"Global Star Capital is a top of the line company that I hired for a $50+ Million project. If it was not for hiring this company, I would have lost the opportunity for rapid advancement in the competitive oil and gas industry, specifically in the Western states of the USA. Their specialties cannot be matched along with the first rate knowledge of a project. I hired them based on merit and their consulting approach because I wanted the best results. Everything went just as planned and was enjoyable." .... David Hobbs, Oil and Gas Executive